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Our Tip: Use ICF foundations for finished basements

Why do we love ICF (insulated concrete form) foundations? For the advantages they have over the traditional poured concrete or concrete block foundations, namely:

+ They are more energy efficient.

+ They are warmer, drier, and more comfortable.

+ While there is a 10 percent increased cost (compared to poured concrete or concrete block foundation walls that have been insulated with a liner wall), you can save up to 11 to 12 percent on average in energy savings annually.

+Construction time is reduced by 50 percent.

Cedar Winds can advise you about the different ICF manufacturers, each with their own product design advantages.

Finally, remember, your blueprints must specify which type of foundation wall you will be using in order to expedite the authorization of your building permit. It is also highly recommended that installation be performed by a professional.

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