Allocating for Efficiency and Longevity

Since there are many decisions and selections to be made during your home or cottage build journey that will impact your budget, we are pinpointing some of the areas that justify a larger percentage of the budget be allocated to, including:

1. Insulation

The higher the R-value your cottage or home has, the greater the comfort and energy efficiency there will be. When installed correctly, fiberglass or batt (the pink, itchy stuff) insulation is great but when installed incorrectly there is a risk of leakage and heat loss.

We suggest using blown in fiberglass or sprayed-in polyurethane as it fits tight and seals better to keep the heat in.

2. Windows

While vinyl is the industry standard, another option to maintain superior operation with long term use is to opt for wooden, aluminum/wood combo, or fiberglass/wood combo clad windows. Not only are they effective in the long term, they are more visually appealing both on the exterior and interior.

Minimum energy standards are met with all different types of windows.

3. Roofing

With roofing, the greatest concerns are usually with longevity and appearance. Asphalt shingles or steel roofing products provide these in spades. There are different levels of quality and warranty with asphalt shingles and different steel roofing products to choose from at various price ranges.

4. Heating

The general rule of thumb with heating systems is: the more expensive, the more efficient to run. This can be proved with electric heat which is relatively cheap but is expensive in the long run. We suggest using fossil fuel, natural gas, propane, or oil heating systems.

Or for increased efficiency, you could have a Geothermal heating system installed. Geothermal is a ground source system. It is a complicated system and the designs must be followed to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. 

As these selections are understandably essential elements of your home or cottage build, it makes sense to spend more to reap the long term benefits associated with these products. Ask your project manager or contractor how these items can be incorporated into your budget and the implications it may have on other areas of the build.

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