Custom home builder innovations and milestones

We are energy efficient home builders that take innovation seriously. See for yourself below.  

This is the first time we’ve published our innovations in one place. We’re not extactly comfortable with tooting our own horn, but we really want to show you how serious we are about building the most energy-efficient custom homes and cottages possible.

  • 35% The increase in overall thermal performance of our homes, once we began using ICF (insulated concrete form) foundations in 2001. We were the first home builder in the area to do so.
  • R-28 The exterior wall insulation value we achieved—up from the standard R-21—when we introduced a rigid foam board insulation layer around the entire perimeter of our buildings. In 2012, the Ontario Building Code adopted this insulation level and it is now standard in the province.
  • 2’ This is how much thicker we began building our ICF foundations in 2009, which increases the R-value of a home’s subfloor system by an additional R-8 and decreases air leakage by 21%—without increasing costs!

  • 1st We were the first home and cottage builder in the area to use 1/4’ stainless steel pickets in our exterior railings, which ensured that nothing obstructed views. Ask about our latest options for railing transparency.

Coming soon!

As part of our ongoing commitment to increasing value by lowering heating costs and the environmental impact of our buildings, we are investigating the exclusive use of structural insulated panels on all of our above-grade construction.

Our preliminary findings indicate that the increase in product costs (10%) will be more than offset by the faster construction and the ongoing reduction in energy usage. We expect to have our final analysis completed by the late summer of 2015.

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