Property details 

 •Four-season cottage on six acres with 700’ frontage

•Contemporary design featuring a shed roof and large windows

•Two bedrooms, two bathrooms 

•Screened in three-season porch 

•Detached garage/bunkie 

The Hunt 

Neither Glen nor Lani Lindsay had cottages growing up, but both knew that they wanted one that they could share with their daughter and eventually retire to. “Finding a place to escape became a bit of a hobby for me,” admits Glen. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find the right property that combined what they were looking for in terms of land and the building. So, they decided to buy a vacant lot and build their dream cottage. 

They found their piece of paradise on Lipsy Lake. The small, 2 km long lake only has about 20 cottages on it and tends to attract owners more interested in swimming, canoeing, and kayaking than waterskiing or zipping around on a PWC. “The lot checked off all of our boxes,” says Glen. “If I had to describe it in one word, it would be ‘tranquil.’”


Budget Conscious 

While touring the area on their unsuccessful hunt for an existing cottage, the Lindsays spotted a number of homes and cottages built by Cedar Winds including one “that was so big I thought it might be a resort,” says Glen with a laugh. But Cedar Winds didn’t balk at working within their relatively modest budget. 

When the quote came back for their initial wish list it, the Cedar Winds team helped the couple pare back some aspects so that they could stay within their means. “They really worked with us to make it work,” says Glen.  

One example of that is the detached garage/bunkie that was built after the main cottage was completed. With funds running low, they’ve roughed in a planned bathroom for now, and will complete it later on. 


Prized Places 

The finished result is a contemporary design that includes a shed roof, variegated wood siding, and windows that are 1.5 storeys tall. 

Lani’s favourite spot is the screened in, three-season Haliburton room. “We eat all our meals there, and it’s the perfect place to read a book or take a nap in the ‘outdoors’ without getting eaten alive,” says Glen. His favourite space is the Great Room with the fireplace. Together, the family has year-round comfort in a secluded part of cottage country overlooking a quiet lake. 


Local Expertise 

Having done renovations in the city, the Lindsays knew how important it would be to hire a local builder who’d know the best tradespeople in the area. Cedar Winds’ experience as builders was evident given the current climate. “Even during a pandemic, they kept everything going,” says Glen.  

The Cedar Winds team was also able to offer guidance on which features would and would not work on the lake. For example, Glen’s initial vision included polished concrete floors. But he’s glad Cedar Winds suggested they use hardwood flooring instead: “The concrete would have been so cold in the winter.”  

They also really appreciated having access to the online Client Project Window. “We got to see how the construction was progressing every week,” he says. “It was really encouraging to see after a long day at work.”  


Snowed Under 

Overall, Glen and Lani agree that they’re glad they chose to work with Cedar Winds. “It was a great experience. I was really impressed. Everything down to the ensuite is how we wanted it,” says Glen. But he does advise that there will be bumps along the way. “Working with a builder is not a date. It’s a long-term relationship,” he says. 

One other piece of advice Glen would share with others: look into your road situation. Many cottages are on private roads that aren’t plowed by the municipality. Instead, owners (often through the cottagers’ association) hire a private company to maintain the road. “Snow removal becomes a big headache,” says Glen, particularly with multiple crews and deliveries trying to access the site.