Moore Lake renovation fulfills family’s cottage retirement goals

Cedar Winds added a much-needed 500-square-feet to a 30-year-old cottage. Now there’s plenty of room for all the generations to make merry


 *New stairwell incorporated off the Kitchen

*Front window designed with a break positioned so the view could be seen from both upstairs and downstairs


Bedrooms: Three

Bathrooms: Two

Area: 1,800 sq. ft.

Levels: Bungalow

Location: Moore Lake, Halliburton

From The Home Owners:

“I researched other builders, and what I really wanted was someone who could design the renovation and take care of all the trades. The fact that Cedar Winds manages everything was a big draw. And, in the end, Glenn was on top of everything, from getting the permits to dealing with inspectors, and hiring excellent trades.”

The VanderGeests’ heart is tied closely to their 1988 Lake Moore cottage—originally a cozy 1,300 square foot stilted bungalow, which they’ve lovingly adapted over the years (such as adding a basement and garage). But with three grown kids, four grandchildren, and the hope of retiring at the cottage on the horizon, they decided to do a major renovation that would ultimately give them more space. “The first time I met with Glenn, I got a very good first impression. He is a down-to-earth guy and he was upfront about what was doable and he had good ideas.” The couple had thought about tearing down the existing structure, but Glenn reassured them that it was up to code and could be built on to. So the couple went on Cedar Winds’ wait list and two years later, they began their much needed renovation.

 Customized design

“Glenn came to our cottage and made design suggestions that met our vision, which included raising the roof to enhance the view of the lake, and expanding out the kitchen and dining area so everyone wasn’t on top of each other. The design drawings were very detailed, and he was able to take our ideas and put them to paper well.”

Quality construction

“I’ve been involved in construction a little over the years and I don’t like seeing crooked nails or cracked drywall. Cedar Winds had fine craftsmanship and took the time to do everything properly.”

 Budgeting expertise

“Glenn was pretty clear about numbers, and, as he warned us, the final cost often comes down to finish choices. When we started picking things from doors to counters, we decided we did not want to go the cheap route.”

 Excellent design advice

“Teresa offered incredibly detailed design ideas. For example, I can see why she helped us choose such light colours to finish our kitchen—it all flows so beautifully. She also spent three hours with us in a lighting store in Peterborough to help us pick out just the right fixtures.”

 Quality trades

“The trades were always very polite, friendly and kept the worksite clean.”

Take a Look Around

“We have good memories from our old cottage, but now we are making merry in the renovated cottage. It does seem brand new in many ways. It is a nice fresh look after 30 years. One big unexpected plus is how the noise is cut down from the proper insulation,” say the VanderGeests.

 “We have absolutely no regrets. We never wanted a big fancy place on the lake—we prefer to have a place with a cottage look and feel and the way Cedar Winds finished it is beautiful.”

~ Patrick and Theresa VanderGeest