Why Design Build works

Should You Hire a Design Build Company or General Contractor? Cedar Winds defines the value that Design Build can contribute to a custom home or cottage build.

Quality control

To begin with, Cedar Winds is not knocking all general contractors (GCs). We know some excellent, reliable and trustworthy GCs. However, when it comes to custom home and cottage design and building in the Minden and Haliburton areas, we believe in a Design Build model. Why? Because it provides more value to homeowners, and it guarantees high build standards. Here’s how:

Because a GC typically works with a set staff of trades, occasions arise where skills don’t always match jobs. For example, if the GC doesn’t have a roofer on staff, he may ask the painter or carpenter or an apprentice to step in and do the work. 

  • Cedar Winds Plus:
    As a Design Build Company, Cedar Winds subcontracts work to only the best, most experienced trades in the Haliburton and Minden areas. Our subcontractors don’t get paid unless Glenn approves the work. And since it is a small community, they are enthusiastic about meeting Cedar Winds’ high standards.

Lower design fees, too

  • Cedar Winds Plus:
     Cedar Winds is experienced in designing and building homes in the area of Haliburton and Minden, but we conduct extensive pre-design and on-site consultations to ensure your design is optimized,while  remaining focused on maximizing value for you, 
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Protection that counts

  • Cedar Winds Plus:
    Ontario's New Home Warranties Plan Act has widened their vendor guidelines to include project management companies under the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Cedar Winds Design-Build is registered as a Tarion Registered Vendor and complies accordingly. Cedar Winds is forthcoming with enrolment fees. Any enrolment fees that are refunded by Tarion after the completion of the project will , in turn, be refunded to our clients.

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