Why Cedar Winds builds the better way

7 advantages of working with us to design and build your dream cottage-country home

Partnering with the right home designer and builder for your tear-down or new-build project is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, but it doesn’t have to be the toughest. 

We strive to make it an easy decision because we have the same end goal as you—a new home that’s right-sized for your evolving multi-generational family, built well and affordably, and that pleases you every day, whether it’s the all-important details (that just-right cabinet profile), smart functionality (terrific lighting day and night) or those special personal statements (you name it). 

We also strive to make the entire design-build journey as empowering and enjoyable as possible. 

Here’s how we build the better way … to benefit you.

1. Stress-free Project Management That Empowers You.

The whole reason we started Cedar Winds in 1998 was to equip families with the knowledge to make confident decisions. Whatever help your family needs—education, tips, creative solutions to achieve consensus or time to think through your options—we do our best to provide it. 

2. Worriless Process Management That Eliminates Crisis and Risk.

We have designed and built more than 80 custom homes over the years—many of which were located on or near waterfronts, or required the tear-down of an existing cottage or home. Not only do we manage timelines and keep you up to date on progress, but we take care of all the vital details, including permits. We are experts in anticipating, preparing for and managing the unexpected. 

3. Expert Design That Is Highly Personalized.

Our passion is design, and it wouldn’t be very enjoyable for us if we started with limited options or pushed our opinions on you. We strive to 100% personalize your custom home, which means we’ll have several detailed conversations about how you and your family live. Our goal is to develop design solutions that improve on the ways you plan to use your home and to ensure you get the most out of every last square inch of space.

4. Streamlined Supervision That Adds Value at Every Stage—Start to Finish.

Cedar Winds never “hands off” your design because we oversee its execution. In fact, we continually look for ways to introduce more value throughout the design journey (from cost-saving suggestions to tips for setting up sound systems)—as strategic project partners should.

5. Superior, Hand-Picked Trades That Deliver Consistent, Quality Labour.

We choose subcontractors based on ability and value. We subcontract all of our trades resulting in the right experience for your particular project’s needs. It also ensures quality control, since your choices aren’t limited.

6. Budgeting That Meets Your Expectations.

Your dream home is only bound by your budget—but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big within that budget... or that you won't come up against tough decisions during the process that require you to re-examine the project’s original parameters. In fact, this happens a lot. We do our best to help you feel secure in your decisions.

7. Experienced Design Services, Tailored for Your Needs.

Choosing exterior and interior design materials (from roof shingles to kitchen countertops) that are a personal expression of the whole family can be fun or overwhelming—or both at times! Because we’ve gained such granular insights about your lifestyle from the early blueprint design phase, we’re able to provide room-by-room or turnkey design finish consultation that sparks creativity or helps narrow down decisions. 

Check out the Cedar Winds design-build journey

Check out the Cedar Winds Design and Build Journey—strategic steps we’ll usher you through to arrive at the front door of your new home.  

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