You know what you want.
We make sure you get there.

Design-Build with Cedar Winds.

Design ≈ Build

Cedar Winds approaches home design and building from a unique perspective—your’s.

We Design and Build the Better Way … Because We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way.

Think of us as your ultimate new home design-build project manager. We listen to your dreams, and we dig for important lifestyle insights that could influence aspects of your future home. We integrate your wants and our discoveries in a best-in-class design that gets you really excited. We help you work through big and small decisions as a family unit. And we manage the build affordably and on-time with total transparency and quality workmanship so you don’t have to worry, not even a little.

The Cedar Winds Advantage

The ultimate home builder screening tool

9 Key Questions You Need to Ask in Order to Adequately Evaluate a Home Builder

Our detailed report will help you uncover hidden costs, ascertain quality control measures, and gain insights into different project-management styles. 

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What you can count on working with Cedar Winds:

  • Inspiration
    There are no shortcuts in our flexible, patient, custom-design experience.
  • Knowledge
    We strive to empower you in every step of the design-build process by sharing our expertise.
  • Confidence
    We're on-hand to help support all your design and build decisions.
  • Trust
    We take care of everything (the way you want).

  • Value
    Our building practices and trades meet only the highest standards.
  • Freedom
    We don’t limit your design or materials choice. We are only bound by your imagination.
  • Pride
    We ensure your home is a personal expression of you.

From the ground up

Your Success is Our Success

Oversight and total management of custom home and cottage builds and tear downs in Haliburton and Minden is what we do. How we do it is unlike any other home builder. Our superior architectural design and construction services are unified under diligent, industry-leading custom home project management and consultation. This unique approach—that is, in our neck of the woods—translates into a seamless, surprise-free, cost effective design and build experiences for our clients. In turn, this affords us the freedom we need to continually optimize and innovate to ensure we build the better way, such as pioneering new energy efficient building techniques and materials.

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