New Cottage Build On Haliburton County Lake Delivers Much Needed Living Space

This family of six are thrilled with their design-build experience, especially how Cedar Winds made the most of the lot space


Every angle was considered of this pointed lot to ensure space and views were maximized.

*Two custom stone fireplaces
*Extensive Lake Views


Bedrooms: Five
Bathrooms: Four
Area: 2,000 sq. ft.
Levels: Split level with partial walk-out
Location: Haliburton County lake
Completed: 2017

From The Home Owners:

“We had a cottage for 30 years in Haliburton that we loved. Though it was only 900 sq. ft. with a finished basement, we made it work for us while raising our four kids. Now that they are in their 20s, we knew we would need more space when grandchildren eventually arrive. We also wanted to start entertaining more at the cottage and use it as a second home, spending more time in the winter there. It wasn’t an option to build on our existing lot, so after shopping around, we fell in love with a piece of property on the same lake. We didn’t have to look far for a builder.”

Outstanding Examples

“We knew of Cedar Winds by reputation. Early on in our contemplation of building from scratch, Glenn and Teresa took us around to see past cottages that they had built. Every single cottage was unique and designed specifically for the owner. We knew then that they could build us something personal that we would love.”

Personalized Design

“Our main desire was to have an open space concept, and to ensure all the main living areas, from the living room and kitchen to the dining room, had excellent views of the lake. The design process itself was very in-depth and personal. They explored how we wanted to use the cottage, and how best to design the space for functionality while also maximizing the view. They asked us to really think about what we wanted. It’s one thing to say you like a certain style, it’s another when it comes down to deciding on details like kitchen cabinets, flooring type, window and door trim colours and styles, for example. By encouraging us to think through details, it made the entire process much more efficient.”

Flexible Revisions

“We settled on the sixth design rendition. Glenn and Teresa were patient and open to ideas as we explored what we wanted our new home to look like and how we wanted it to function. They gave us great advice on technical aspects and architectural nuances.”

Surprising Pluses

“We love the kitchen island Teresa suggested. My husband calls it the continent because it is so big, but it contains a lot of vital storage space and it is perfect for entertaining. We appreciated the weekly, sometimes daily emails and pictures from Bernie, the project manager, showing the progress as we couldn't always be on-site. It was a great way for us to be kept up to date.”

Efficient Project Management

“They made sure everything was in when it was supposed to be, and when we did encounter a delay with the big timber frame structure being shipped from B.C., they made sure we worked around it. There was no backtracking and everything was well thought out and organized. We never felt like we ever had to compromise throughout the design and build process. They always had fixes or solutions for any concern or situation that arose. They also made sure we made decisions well in advance so nothing was held up.”

Organized Design Choices

“You can get overwhelmed when it comes to picking colours and finishes. Teresa was really helpful. She seemed to have a great sense of my style, selecting two or three options for me to pick from. I always found what I was looking for in her suggestions. She also had the experience to design the kitchen that we wanted by integrating our ideas with her knowledge.”

Attention to Detail

“We were beyond excited about the finished product. It’s one thing to see it on paper but when you finally go through it, it’s truly rewarding. We appreciated that the tradespeople really took pride in their work. The attention to detail clearly shows the quality of the workmanship.” 

Take a Look Around

“We couldn’t be happier with our new cottage. The open space is fantastic and this summer we easily accommodated more than 80 people. It’s nice to finally be able to entertain the way we always wanted to. Our kids are thrilled to be able to be up there and share the cottage with friends. Now we can all be together without being on top of each other.”

~ Names witheld for privacy