Your lake home design and build journey

From planning to design to construction, home builder Cedar Winds provides the ideal step-by-step design and build experience

Designing and building your own home is a spectacular and rewarding life experience. It also involves a major commitment of time and money, and a project of this scope can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve created a design and build experience that’s as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Cedar Winds and your family will be intertwined in a step-by-step process to transform your long-held dream into reality. Over the next one to two years, our role is to assist you, especially with one of the biggest responsibilities on your shoulders—making decisions. We’ve organized our processes to make this easier, and we offer a fresh perspective when certain decisions prove more difficult than others. 

While we don’t know exactly what your personal design-build experience will be like, we can show you the path you will take with Cedar Winds, and how we build the better way—with patience, thoughtfulness, strategy and expertise. 

Step One // Knowledge Gathering (7 - 10 weeks)

We believe that insights about your family and how you live should inform the design of your new home or cottage. And builders simply can’t gather enough information from just one or two interviews. We’ll devote as much time as it takes to build trust, understand your family’s needs and discover insights. We call this Step One, but the truth is that we’re always considering your goals and needs, and how they should influence your design-build project.

Step One Includes:

  • Site visit
  • Examination of accessibility issues
  • Multiple detailed discussions with you and your family
  • Review of lifestyle goals and expectations
  • Consideration of family dynamics
  • Review of your tear sheets, scrapbook or vision board
  • Budget overview
  • Compilation of a wish list/checklist 
Step Two // Design Discovery (3 - 8 months)

Patience is required of you in this phase, but the payoff is exciting because you will begin to see your vision come to life in drawings. You’ll need to make some big decisions; however, because we’ve done such a thorough job in Step One, the decisions involve optimizing your future home, not sacrificing any wants.

Step Two Includes:

  • Preliminary drawings
  • Floor plan preparation and revision
  • Exterior drawings
  • Space analysis, and allocation and functionality review
  • Approval (unlimited revisions) 
  • Final consultation
  • Final drawings and blueprints
Step Three // Build Preparation (3 months)

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. We solve any technical issues related to your build and work out the hard costs. We also guide you through important product and materials selections that will impact and improve the way you live, such as lighting choices and automated HVAC systems. We don’t take shortcuts here or rush you. In fact, we spend extra time educating you about how your choices will affect you in the short and long term.

Step Three Includes:

  • Hard-cost analysis
  • Permit accruement
  • Product education and selection (e.g., exterior and interior items such as windows, doors, roofing, flooring, tiles and cabinets)
  • Infrastructure analysis (e.g., roads, bridges, waterfront access)
  • Interior and exterior design planning
  • Lighting planning
  • Mechanical and electric system development
  • Assembly of your build team
Step Four // The Build (6 - 12 months)

The first time we break ground is a major milestone we like to celebrate with clients because it’s so special. As the construction progresses, you’ll quickly realize how the time we’ve spent on previous steps was well worth it, helping to ensure smooth, timely construction. You’ll need to make some decisions during this step. If you can’t get to the site as often as you’d like, you can rest easy knowing Cedar Winds is project managing the build, monitoring the quality of labour, ensuring design specs are met and keeping processes on schedule. 

Step Four Includes:

  • Site preparation
  • Footing and foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Windows and doors 
  • Electric system
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Insulation
  • Exterior finish
  • Interior finish
  • Landscaping
  • Technical inspections
  • Tour and ongoing site visits
Step Five // Pre-Move (1 - 2 weeks)

We’re almost ready for you to claim your new home, but we don’t just hand over the keys the second the systems are turned on. A build requires cleanup and inspection. We also take the time to review all the instructions you need to operate your home, such as how to maintain your septic system and furnace.

Step Five Includes:

  • Visit/orientation 
  • Construction cleaning (cabinets, walls and windows)
  • General inspection with customers
  • Mechanical systems review
  • Operation review
  • Maintenance review 
Step Six // Move In!

Here is the moment you've been patiently waiting for — inhabiting your new home or cottage. We give you a few months to truly experience your space, and then we follow up to check for any issues, re-explain any systems and answer all of your questions. We also assist with any final changes or repairs because follow-through is a key element of how we build the better way.

* The steps may overlap, and the length of time suggested varies for every project.

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