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Welcome To Cedar Winds

We founded Cedar Winds in 1998 with one goal: to design and build custom homes in Haliburton and Minden that are a personal expression of the families who live in them. And after guiding more than 80 families through the design and build journey over the past 20 years, that goal hasn’t changed. We’ve just perfected the process.

We were raised in the Haliburton area, so we have a strong sense of the thriving four-season cottage community. We’re also deeply connected with our community, and we appreciate all that living close to nature has to offer. Our love of the Haliburton area, our emphasis on integrity and kindness, and our local design and build expertise give families true peace of mind over an experience that is a huge commitment of time, money and passion.

We each bring our own unique set of skills, experience and lens to every design-build project. Glenn translate your dreams into technical components, including detailed design drawings and blueprints. Glenn also sources only the best specialized trades and manage seamless construction. Teresa, a product expert and trained bath and kitchen designer, lends her expertise at all steps to support the decisions that will bring your final vision to completion.

We’re happy to put you in touch with clients to hear for yourself how we’ve perfected a truly outstanding design-build journey. You can also check out our Success Stories.

If you’re seeking pre-construction consultations, home and cottage design, and project management, please feel free to call the office for a no-obligation conversation to explore whether your goals align with our approach, which we believe is the better way to build. We look forward to hearing from you.

— Glenn and Teresa Evans

  • Glenn Evans
    Glenn Evans

    Architecural Designer & Project Manager

  • Teresa Evans
    Teresa Evans

    Design Consultant & Project Manager

  • Nelson Evans photo
    Nelson Evans

    Project Manager

  • John Szpara

    Architectural Technologist

  • Lesley Trotter

    Design Associate

  • Judy Collins photo
    Judy Collins

    Customer Service Representative

The Cedar Winds team

Quality construction requires strategic, thoughtful planning, as well as technical skill. All the trades we work with—from carpenters to electricians, from insulators to welders—are hand-selected from local superior tradespeople best suited for your job. We count on each of them to not only get the job done to exacting standards, but to find ways to improve on tasks whenever possible.

Working with subcontractors ensures you get a superiorly built home. It also enables us to support local skilled tradespeople.

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Our promise to you


We care about who you are. Why? Because we don’t design-build houses, we design-build homes. A house is a shelter. A home is a space you call your own.


We commit to you. Your project receives our full, dedicated attention from start to finish because we never take on more projects than we can handle.


We respect you. We believe families know best how they want to live. Therefore, we act as guides, ushering you through the best home design-build experience possible.