Important Tips for Superior Screened-In Porch Construction

That dreaded time of year is upon us — bug season. Screen porches are on everyone’s mind; if you don’t have one, you want one. Here are some recommendations to bear in mind for construction of this season’s favourite space.

Design a bug-free space everyone can enjoy as long as weather permits

  1. Permits
    It may need to be said—building permits are required before construction begins on your screen porch with all municipal lot line setbacks applying.

  2. Design
    When positioning the screen porch, a southern or western exposure is ideal for better breeze and more sun coverage. It is also best to design the screen porch with screening in all three exterior walls: you want maximum ventilation, especially on sweltering days.  If you have allergy sufferers in your family consider adding removable Plexiglas or Mylar (a flexible material used for boat windows) panels. You’ll be able to enjoy the space even on high-pollen count days.

  3. Screens
    We’re big fans of aluminum screens: they won’t droop or sag, which means they will always remain transparent allowing for better visibility. On the other hand, nylon screens will develop a ripple effect on your view as they droop, and require eventual replacement.

  4. Products and materials
    Since a screen porch is not impervious to rain showers, it is best to construct the area with water-resistant materials and products including flooring (which should also be slip proof), and electrical fixtures such as lights and fans. Also, don’t forget furniture, which should be weather-proof to avoid problems with mould.

  5. Wood Stoves
    While wood stoves are not a necessary element for screen porches, they can extend the season for at least a month or more on both ends, which for many people is an opportunity too great to pass up.

Take these tips into account, and you’ll be enjoying your screened-in porch—swat- and sneeze-free—for many years to come.

Check out terrific examples of screened-in porches in Cedar Winds Gallery.


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swetha on August 13, 2015 @ 5:46 am said:

Nice tips this is very useful. thanks for sharing this kind of tips.

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