Building a Rental Cottage?

5 tips that will ensure a fruitful property venture

Did you know that well-maintained waterfront cottages can rent for between $1,000 and $3,000 per week (sometimes more) during the peak summer season? Maybe that’s why you’ve planned to build a cottage home that you can also rent either part-time or full-time.

More good news: the planning phase is the perfect time to layer in a few key build considerations that ensure a well-protected and thriving cottage rental property.

1. Select low maintenance, high durability materials and products, such as:

  • laminate flooring and countertops which can be easily repaired and easily replaced;
  • porcelain tile as it is extremely durable; and
  • vinyl siding, which doesn’t require extensive upkeep.

If you decide to spend retirement at the cottage, make sure to select styles and colours that are a reflection of your personal tastes.

2. If you have valuables at the cottage, it may be a good idea to add a secure area or room to the plans, such as a small, windowless storage room in the basement with a deadbolt lock. This will eliminate the hassle of removing the items from the property when you rent.

3. Don’t rent the cottage to bigger groups of parties than the number of bedrooms can accommodate. Renting to large groups can cause additional wear and tear as well as stress on both the septic system and the water supply.

4. To entice potential renters, include a deck/outside area to your design plans with the following in mind:

  • Plan the design with the deck on the lakeside to get full advantage of the view.
  • Select pressure-treated lumber or cedar to withstand the climate of the Haliburton Highlands (and avoid staining — once you start staining, you will have to stain regularly).
  • Construct railings on both the deck and stairs, built to code, to preserve the safety of yourself, your family, and renters.

5. To take the hassle out of the rental process, consider using a rental agency. For rental services in Haliburton County, we suggest WRD Cottage Rental or

Last but not least, don’t forget to contact your insurance provider to make sure that your cottage insurance covers the property for renting.

Check out the Cedar Winds Gallery for design inspiration.


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