Home and Cottage Build Saving Opportunities

Do you like to change up the look and style of your home regularly? Are you trying to keep up with the newest interior design trends? Or are you merely trying to save money on the finishing of your new build? Well, we can help. We’ve identified the areas where savings can be reaped should the answer be “yes” to any of the questions above.

1. Countertops

Rather than selecting a solid surface countertop, opt for laminate. Not only are they relatively tough but they have improved aesthetically in recent years. Some laminate countertops even mimic natural stone products with excellent results.

 2. Flooring

To save money on flooring, select vinyl flooring or carpet. There is a wide variety of vinyl and carpet options to choose from that are very visually appealing. If you want to upgrade to tile or hardwood, there are some lower priced options available as well.

 3. Plumbing fixtures

The great thing about plumbing fixtures is that they can be easily changed and upgraded. There are a broad range of manufacturers, including Moen, Delta, and American Standard, with a broad range of price points and quality.

 4. Pressure treated decking   

When you think of pressure treated decking, you may think about the colour and cringe. But the good news is that it has changed in colour from green to brown and has eliminated the use of chemicals in the treatment process. Not only does it look nicer now, the lumber grade has also improved meaning that it resists warping and twisting. Pressure treated decking is less expensive than cedar or composite material.

These products make for great choices and are the less expensive options and not necessarily just in the short-term. With proper care and maintenance, they may prove to last longer term. You don’t have to spend big or sacrifice quality or aesthetics with these saving opportunities.

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