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Our tip: Insulate with XPS externally in addition to internal wall insulation

By installing XPS (extruded polystyrene) on the exterior of the structure, you add R-3 to the R-value of your home or cottage per every ½” of XPS.

This added insulation will eliminate drafts and reduce thermal bridging, which means that when seen using thermal imaging it reduces the occurrence of cold spots around the studs. This is great since in the Haliburton Highlands we need to keep in as much heat as possible through the late fall and winter months.

The costs depend on the product and manufacturer and must be installed correctly to be proved effective. Cedar Winds recommend installing 2” of XPS for maximum effect.

Another option is to install EPS (expanded polystyrene) to insulate your home or cottage externally.

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Photo courtesy of: Newport Churches, Types of Insulation for Commercial and Residential Buildings, 2015,

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