HCHBA Reports: Algal Blooms in Haliburton County Unconfirmed

Haliburton County is home to hundreds of beautiful lakes, and through each passing season, these waters are the heart and soul of the residents who live here. In recent months there have been concerns raised about the presence of algae in these lakes we so deeply love and enjoy. With environmental care informing each meeting, the Haliburton County Home Builders' Association wants to learn more about the relationship between human habitation and algae growth. Under the guidance of the HCHBA, a study was commissioned procuring a scientific report of algal blooms in Haliburton County. With this report, the HCHBA aims to reinforce the importance of proper scientific research when exploring new bylaws and policies which will affect the development of our communities.

The following report was written by Dr. Melodie Lindsay. Dr. Lindsay is a Kiwi-Canadian, born in Huntsville, ON and raised in New Zealand with a research background in biological sciences and microbiology. She is currently working on biostimulants to decrease the use and environmental impact of conventional fertilizer as well as seaweed cultivation as a strategy to reduce diffuse nutrient runoffs.

Read the full report here:

PDF icon algal_blooms_in_haliburton_county.pdf

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